The power of graphic design and creativity helps Brian and his clients solve their problems together, pushing their imaginations so that they can create something they’re both proud of. Throughout Brian’s 10+ years of experience he is constantly reminded that he loves using great design to help his clients step up and look better than their competition; he has always seen himself as a competitor who knows how to help his team.

Brian grew up all over the South and has traveled across the world, having recently lived in Las Vegas, Honolulu, etc. but now works and resides in Atlanta. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications from Clemson University in 2005, he immediately moved from South Carolina to Atlanta in order to round out his design education at the Portfolio Center. Since 2009 he has designed for nearly all type of clients (big, small, print, web, advertising, etc.) and currently designs full time as a remote freelancer.

contact: briangearbubble@gmail.com