The power of graphic design and creativity helps my clients solve their problems, pushing our imaginations in order to maximize their brand. My 8+ years as a professional designer lets me know that when the best companies are serious about doing great work, I step up. I have learned to stand behind my work as a voice for visual communication, and there’s no time to sugar coat things when a problem needs to be urgently¬†solved.

I’ve grown up all over the South and have traveled across the world, although I currently live and work out of Las Vegas. After earning my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications from Clemson University in 2005, I immediately moved from South Carolina to Atlanta in order to round out my design education at the Portfolio Center. Since 2009 I have designed for nearly all type of clients (big, small, print, web, advertising, etc.) and currently design full time for a marketing company that specializes in social network targeting.

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